alfi vacuum carafe Caffino

alfi vacuum carafe Caffino

alfi vacuum carafe Caffino: Millions of machines but no coffee pot fits under them. When ambitious owners of bean to cup coffee machines have guests or want to enjoy a long breakfast, they always had to compromise. Brewing several cups of coffee required you to cut corners and lose valuable features such as temperature, aroma and attractive design. Caffino banishes all these unworthy alternatives to never-never land with one fell swoop. However, Caffino is not just the ultimate coffee pot that fits under any bean to cup coffee machine. It is a brilliant solution for all conflicts arising from the coffee culture, be it between pot and cup, office and bar, or everyday life and just pure coffee enjoyment. Easy-care stainless steel. Capacity: 1,0 liter and with 5 years warranty on the insulation function
  • High quality stainless steel, polished

  • Completely removable lid

  • Unbreakable Toptherm vacuum insulated liner

  • 5 Years warranty on insulating function

  • Vacuum carafe for fully-automatic-coffee machines

  • Plastic handle black

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  • Garantie
  • Recycable
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