alfi Outdoor Collection

alfi Outdoor Collektion Mug

Today Outdoor is the definition for an all-embracing lifestyle. Analogue to the megatrend health, nature is considered a contrast program for urbanite stress and besides traditional activism also releases a magnificent repertoire of re-inventions. The increase in awareness in terms of the environment has also reached the equipment sector generating a demand for an unconditional combination of convenience and sustainability. Diversity, robustness, and style: The Outdoor Collection integrates elementary utensils providing high quality and perfect catering along with a good conscious. After all the strikingly designed Outdoor-Range made of stainless steel is the contemporary alternative to the one-way mentality.
  • High quality stainless steel bodies, mat

  • Screw stopper or plug-in stopper

  • Impact and shock-proof

  • Unique design with plastic applications

  • The perfect gift idea for all active people

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